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Migrants and graduates fall victim to Beijing’s relentless march of progress

Dozens of villages in outer Beijing are due to be demolished to make way for new developments. But the migrant workers and young graduates who live there will get zero compensation for being made homeless. Photo of Tangjialing village.
04 May 2010

SCMP: Strike forces Honda to halt China factories

A 10-day-old strike at a key Honda component factory outside Guangzhou has forced Japan's No 2 carmaker to suspend production in China, the world's largest and fastest-growing car market.
28 May 2010

PBS’s Bill Moyers airs last broadcast...a reminder that China and the US aren't always too different

Sometimes it’s easy to “exoticize” China, and think that China’s issues are completely unique. We may find it odd that officials have a structural incentive to either squash legitimate protests, which take the name “mass incidents”, or to buy off the petitioners with money from specially allocated “social stability” funds, rather than dealing with the root of the grievance itself. Likewise, we may find it bizarre than even China (yes China!) has things like cross dressing pop artists. Sometimes it seems like every art gallery in Hong Kong is required to have a kitschy Mao portrait or some post-modern take on sexy 1970’s-era female Red Guards – to appeal to the foreign demand for exoticized kitsch combined with absurd cruelty.
05 May 2010

The Guardian: Chinese workers link sickness to n-hexane and Apple iPhone screens

Next month, amid the usual hoopla, Apple is expected to officially unveil its latest gadget: the much-awaited iPhone 4G. But halfway round the globe from the company's California headquarters, a young worker who has spent months in an eastern Chinese hospital wants consumers to look beyond the shiny exterior of such gadgets.
10 May 2010

Chinese government official criticizes country’s coal mine safety record

In a frank and honest assessment of China’s coal mine safety record, a senior government official has admitted that enforcement of safety laws, investment in coal mine safety and worker training are all woefully inadequate. The number of accidents and fatalities has steadily declined over the last five years but China’s mines remain the world’s deadliest. If it is to reduce accidents further, the country needs to address its production-driven development model as well as fundamental safety issues, said Huang Yi, spokesman for the State Administration of Work Safety.
10 May 2010

When talking of the “China Model”, it’s important to remember the role of migrant workers

A new book has hit the shelves in China, and is causing controversy. “The China Model” (中国模式), a collection of essay about China’s unique development model, is one of many new books that is part of an effort to put forth a “China model”, a model of development that is in opposition to the much maligned “Washington Consensus”. The Economist notes that the while Chinese officials are keen to downplay talk of the China Model, people peddling books aren’t quite as humble
11 May 2010

Battery factory worker suffering from lead poisoning cheated out of compensation

Beijing-based journalist, David Yang recently investigated the case of a battery factory worker in the northeastern province of Jilin who was diagnosed with acute lead poisoning and renal failure but could not get adequate compensation because the authorities, apparently in collusion with his employer, refused to classify his injury as work-related.
18 May 2010

Migrant workers with pneumoconiosis return to Shenzhen in search of justice

Han Dongfang talks to a group of migrant workers who contracted the deadly lung disease pneumoconiosis whilst working as explosives and drill operators on Shenzhen’s construction sites in the 1990s.
13 May 2010

Foxconn suicides as reported by The Guardian, Bloomberg and AFP

Hon Hai Group, the Taipei-based maker of Apple Inc. iPhones and Hewlett-Packard Co. computers, said it’s recruiting mental-health professionals and building leisure facilities in its Chinese factories after at least seven employee suicides this year.
17 May 2010

Kunming slams the door on migrant workers

While cities like Shenzhen and Shanghai have gradually made life easier for migrant workers over the least few years by easing restrictions on residency, education and healthcare, the southwestern city of Kunming has just taken a massive step backwards and announced plans to ban all migrants from employment unless they have already obtained a temporary residence permit, and lived and worked in the city for more than a year.
17 May 2010
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