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On Chinese workers in Singapore, the latest at Foxconn, and a new social welfare plan in Chongqing

In this episode, Aris Chan discusses her recent visit to investigate the status of migrant workers in Singapore.  Geoffrey Crothall talks about his recent trip to Shenzhen where he chatted with Foxconn workers.  And William Nee briefly introduces a new plan by the Chongqing government aimed at addressing livelihood issues.  
07 July 2010

Chongqing moves to address social livelihood issues

Chongqing plans to spend over 300 billion yuan ($44.28 billion USD) on “the ten people’s livelihood issues” (民生十条) over the next year and a half. Of this whopping amount of money, 130 billion yuan will be spent on “resolving rural residents who enter the city’s hukou status” and 70 billion on public housing. Billions of yuan will be spent on increasing farmers’ incomes, micro-loans, health services, rural health care, school security and other programs. Also, notably, 5 billion yuan will be spent on education for “left behind” children. (See Xinhua’s chart for full breakdown).
07 July 2010

China Daily USA: The two faces of strikes in China

At a Honda engine-gear factory in southern China, a two-week strike by workers at the end of last month ended amicably when the company agreed to a 24 percent increase in wages and conditions. At the Pingmian Textile Group factory in central China, a two-week strike by workers also ended after the company agreed to a 25 percent increase in wages – but not before local police launched a crackdown on the protesters and detained more than 20 strikers.
02 July 2010

People’s Daily cites gap between rich and poor as the most pressing issue in China, but solution still elusive

“I would rather cry in a BMW than smile on the back of my boyfriend's bicycle”. This statement made by a female contestant, Ma Nuo, on a popular dating show has caused condemnation and controversy in China’s blogospere. Ma claims that she was taken out of context, but in any case, she gave a face and a name to rampant materialism, degeneration of values, and the notion that many young people will do anything to join China’s rising affluent elite, who have already become the world’s second largest buyers of luxury goods.
13 July 2010

Drivers’ license seen by some workers as the ticket to upward mobility

It is not just the infamous game show contestant, Ma Nuo, who would rather have a BMW than a bicycle. There are about 140 million legal drivers in China, nearly half of whom got their license in the last five years. Being able to drive is seen by some as just as valuable a skill in China as speaking English or writing software, it is something that opens doors for you. It is a sign of ambition and foreword thinking.
14 July 2010

Reuters: New strike hits Honda parts supplier in China

A strike has broken out at a south China factory supplying parts for Japan's Honda Motor, the latest in a string of stoppages by Chinese workers demanding a bigger piece of the country's economic wealth. The strike, at Atsumitec Co. in the city of Foshan, began on Monday, with about 90 of the plant's 200 workers stopping work to demand a nearly 60 percent pay increase, said a worker who declined to be identified.
16 July 2010

Young migrants in Shenzhen not so different from their parents – survey finds

Young migrant workers in Shenzhen, just like their parents, have to work long hours in hazardous conditions for low pay. The key difference between the generations, a new survey shows, is that the expectations of younger workers are much higher than their parents, seeking to establish a life for themselves in the city rather than return to the countryside.
16 July 2010

More than 50 coal miners die in four separate accidents over one weekend

At least 51 miners have been killed in four separate coal mine accidents over the weekend, the official Chinese media has reported The most serious accident occurred on Saturday evening when a fire swept through a privately-run mine in Hancheng, Shaanxi, killing 28 miners working underground at the time. The mine owner was subsequently detained by police.
19 July 2010

An update on the Xiao Huazhong case, a new workers survey in Shenzhen, and more on the Honda strikes

In this episode, Geoffrey Crothall gives an update on the Xiao Huazhong case.  William Nee and Geoffrey discuss an interesting new survey of migrant workers in Shenzhen, and a bit more on the Honda Strikes.
19 July 2010

Chinese university students investigate life on the factory floor

Three students go “undercover” as migrant workers in Dongguan. Their report details the pay and conditions and the attitude of migrant workers towards employer abuses and their awareness of the law.Photo by Travel Geographer.
21 July 2010
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