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14 September 2015

Company recruiters continually complain to anyone who will listen that it is impossible for them to find the right people for the jobs they are offering. Apparently, at no point do they stop to consider that it is their own pre-conceptions about who the right person should be that is creating their problems

28 August 2015

While many workers in Europe were enjoying their six weeks annual leave over the summer, the Chinese government decided it would be a good idea if China’s workers had an extended weekend.

21 August 2015

The Tianjin union officials have been busy providing victims of the disaster with “psychological consultations” and carrying out search and rescue missions but not actually doing any union work.

07 August 2015

After setting up their own cab company earlier this year, a group of 51 taxi drivers in the central city of Xiangtan are stepping up their publicity campaign in a bid to win a formal operating licence in the municipal government’s auction at the end of August.

06 July 2015

Not long after the tragic suicide of more than a dozen Foxconn workers in 2010, the company’s enigmatic boss Terry Gou came up with an innovative solution to its labour woes; he would replace his downtrodden workers with robots – one million of them to be precise.

17 June 2015

The sudden death of 54-year-old sanitation worker, Deng Deming, who collapsed while sweeping the streets of suburban Shenzhen in the early morning of 15 May, has galvanized his family and local labour activists to demand not only justice for Deng but for far more transparency in the local government’s secretive dealings with cleaning services companies.

18 May 2015

China's State Council has once again come up with a series of measures designed to improve services in public hospitals and reduce the cost burden for patients.

08 May 2015

After scolding yet more time-wasting, red tape wielding, bureaucrats in his regular State Council meeting this week, Li Keqiang headed up the Third Ring Road to have coffee with a group of young entrepreneurs in Beijing’s hi-tech hub, Zhongguancun.

24 April 2015

I only ask because the Chinese premier seems to have spent the last week or so in Beijing getting very frustrated, banging his fist on the table and chastising bureaucrats for failing to carry out his economic reform agenda or wasting their time with pointless risk assessments for major project developments.

19 March 2015

When Yang Jinzhong, a 65-year-old sanitation worker in Chengcheng county, Shaanxi, was hit and killed by a motorcycle while at work sweeping the streets on 31 January, no one really paid any attention.